A person, homeless or otherwise, person who has shabby clothes and usually has some mental illness or odd behaviour. Common derivatives include Schmee-crack or schmer.

The term originated from a local bum who had, albeit drug related, panic attack and started yelling 'schmee', 'schmer' and 'crack'.
I was attacked by a Schmee-crack yesterday, and he smelt funny.
by John Northwood May 16, 2006
Female ejaculatory fluid.
I hope they don't check for DNA in his room. I schmeed on his bed.

Hey dummies, you can't pee with a boner.......
by Rhubesic February 02, 2004

The act of smoking marijuana.

Being under the influence of marijuana.
Let's smoke some schmee.

Do you want to schmee?

Maest, schmee.

I am so schmeed.

Let's have a schmee.

Do you have a schmee pipe?
by Richie "Shakin'" Nagan April 29, 2006

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