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a particularily brutal member of the facial community
That dudes face looks like a ham walet
Yea, It's quite a schmee face
by aConcernedParent February 24, 2010
A combination of the words Give and Over, injected with a hint of Geordie.

Often used to answer any statement that leaves the recipient with a feeling of emptiness and anger.
"YO, SHANTELLE, did you see that little guy with the big dick sneak into the air vent after bruce willis did in die hard?"

Giveowa, that shit was staged.
by aConcernedParent March 09, 2010
One smelly individual who has the incessant need to dump his/her load in the grotto of a dwarf.

Often, residue is left caked on all flat surfaces for any time between 4 months and 3 years.
Did you hear about the ninja who pulled a dunlavatory?
Ner Man, how much splash-fart was visible?
A fair amount for a TUGGER, i reckon.
by aConcernedParent March 14, 2010
Slang for Vagina/Quim/Flange/Clunge
"I got a Buddha statue stuck up this chick's fernaynay last night"
by aConcernedParent March 14, 2010

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