a cigarette, smoke or type of smoking tabbacco. Usually used by 'closet smokers' or sometimes smokers. Since other people dont understand what it means. A schmee is something sacred and underappreciated. One must NEVER joke about the act of sschmeeeing because the said schmeer may get really offended and angry. You never joke about that..
guy 1:" wouldn't mind a nice SCHMEE!"

evsdropping guy 3: "whats a schmee?... "
by australiaschmee November 18, 2010
The shmee has brought us together and given us many great laughs and we feel the need to share it with others. Perhaps not all can understand, but everyone deserves a chance to be a shmee. We pay our respects to the shmee. All in all the shmee cannot be taught but only grasped through the inner ability of someone who is down, cool, and real. The shmee is a joke, a word with a deep history, weathly characteristics, and phat grammatic capabilities. Do not be afraid to overuse it, its presence only feeds its power, but be sure not to over think it, or its presence will be in vain.
by schmuea August 02, 2009
To jizz, ejaculate or cum out of a penis.
He schmeed all over my face" "Twenty seconds later, he decided to schmee.
by katrinaantoinette August 06, 2010
to fuck or blow some hairy dick longer than 10 inches.
"My boyfriend's hairy dick got a major schmee from me last night," said Meaty pussy.
by SamwgdscljavsOZXgcvaosdjlHZXVb February 10, 2009
diarrhea; runny poop with cramping abdomen and explosive-style bowel movement; known to be very fragrant
Maybe that chili cook-off wasn't such a hot idea- I've got the worst schmee!
by Kelsea Chelsey November 07, 2006
A word some people use for the back of the knee. This is a lie. These people are not to be trusted and should probably be ridiculed.
Evil Person: Hey guys, did you know that the back of the knee is called the schmee?

The World: Leave and never return. You only work to hurt those that you love.

by RJ Coolenstein November 05, 2006
Funny term for me.
Hey everyone stop shooting at schmee!
(On the phone) Hi honey, it's schmee!
by Bob March 30, 2004

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