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stoked or happy
dude i just got a blunt to fakie! schmee
by justin fjdklahfjkalsfhj January 21, 2009
To Shmee is the act of being at a computer, online, more precisely on some sort of social network. Taken from the sound nerds make while pushing up their glasses, it has gradually gained popularity with the normal population as a joke commemorating the days when only nerds used computers.
I tried to get some schmeeing done before school but I got carried away looking at pictures and missed my bus
by JohnnySpyder January 17, 2011
To jizz, ejaculate or cum out of a penis.
He schmeed all over my face" "Twenty seconds later, he decided to schmee.
by katrinaantoinette August 06, 2010
to fuck or blow some hairy dick longer than 10 inches.
"My boyfriend's hairy dick got a major schmee from me last night," said Meaty pussy.
by SamwgdscljavsOZXgcvaosdjlHZXVb February 10, 2009
diarrhea; runny poop with cramping abdomen and explosive-style bowel movement; known to be very fragrant
Maybe that chili cook-off wasn't such a hot idea- I've got the worst schmee!
by Kelsea Chelsey November 07, 2006
A word some people use for the back of the knee. This is a lie. These people are not to be trusted and should probably be ridiculed.
Evil Person: Hey guys, did you know that the back of the knee is called the schmee?

The World: Leave and never return. You only work to hurt those that you love.

by RJ Coolenstein November 05, 2006
Funny term for me.
Hey everyone stop shooting at schmee!
(On the phone) Hi honey, it's schmee!
by Bob March 30, 2004