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Schlort is the sound the colon and lower intestine make when a foot, fist, or other large object or appendage is forcefully inserted.
He buried his fist in my ass with a hearty schlort
by Vissago December 27, 2002
A very very small tube steak. opposite of schlong.
HAHAHAHA, Jimmy-Bob-Joe just got pantsed and we all saw his little schlort.
by bt February 27, 2003
a small and rather mal-nurished penis
"luke u have a schlort"
by Shackoon June 27, 2005
Schlort is the antonym of Schlong; that is, it is slang for a small penis, rather than one of more impressive proportion.
Conversation overheard in the Plymouth Co-op: "Dave's not so much got a schlong, but a schlort. I only go out with him as he's got a Subaru"
by Arsing around in the arse factory November 20, 2007
Opposite of schlong.

A very small dick. A beenie weenie. A vienna sausage. A sweet gherkin.

Something your woman refers to as "cute".
You call that a schlong? Looks more like a schlort!
by oweikdio August 01, 2006
Having a short penis, but not too short, because that would be a "schliny"
Guy: Hey, do you want to see my dick?

Girl: Maybe if it wasnt a schlort
by k-rizzle32 January 21, 2010
Like a Schlong, but shorter.
We all laughed our asses off when he whipped out his tiny little schlort!
by Brobacca April 26, 2011