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having a penis so small that its almost not visible, its barley even pleasing
Guy1: Do you have any small jock straps?

Clerk: Yeah sure, hopefully it wont be too big for your schliny
by k-rizzle32 January 21, 2010
Having a short penis, but not too short, because that would be a "schliny"
Guy: Hey, do you want to see my dick?

Girl: Maybe if it wasnt a schlort
by k-rizzle32 January 21, 2010
having an average sized penis, according to chacha its about 5 inches
Guy: how was the sex we just had?

Girl: about average considering your schlaverage
by k-rizzle32 January 21, 2010
having an abnormally huge penis, so big that you could effectively satisfy a prostitue that has 10 years of experience
Guy1: Did you find a good hooker?

Guy2: Yep, she was terrified when she saw my holy schlit
by k-rizzle32 January 21, 2010

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