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jewish/american slang term
1.v/to work physically

2.n/common laborer
I'm tired of schlepping salami!

That's a job for a schlepp!
by dharmabum February 21, 2004
The one guy in hawaii that is not 64+. He will tell you he lives in costa mesa, and not much after that. you WILL stalk him and run downstairs to see if he is still thereplaying volleyball, but he will ot be there :( he stays in room 605 6th floor and stares as you pass him in the elevator.
ME: man that guy was a schlepp
YOU: yeah
by mygodhe'shot March 13, 2011
A man who is pathetic, like a cross between a slug, who has no backbone to stand up for himself is a Shlepp
"Have you seen Rob hes not allowed out hes doing the ironing he is such a schlepp"
by Ellis&Eastham February 17, 2008
One whos eyes aren't straight and forgets everyday things. Often redheads and wear glasses.
That kid is talking to me but isn't looking at me, he must be a Schlepp.
by Taylor Benjamin May 30, 2008
A frogs penis.
Whoa have you seen the size of that schlepp
by GingerJohn July 31, 2009
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