Shitty lager, possibly short for Grolschlager. In my opinion it is any kind of piss lager that you have to buy when the chips are down, i.e. Pabst, Hamms, Natty, Keystone, Milwakee's Best, Icehouse, or any other derivitive that sells for about 25 cents a can. The word is used in the famous debauchery anthem by Ween "Booze me up and get me high".

"All that schlager at the bar,
Flakes of gold swim in my brain"
Ween fucking rules, Boognish!!!!!!
After betting all his money on the losing cock at the cockfight, Billy could only afford to drink schlager until the end of the month.
by Runaway Jim June 04, 2005
Top Definition
Umbrella term for shallow pop music genres in German speaking Europe and adjacent areas.
Derived from the English term "Hit" for popular song.
Ranging from pseudo Tex Mex through Eurovision/Las Vegas type music and beyond, Schlager is an umbrella term rather than a genre.
"Turn that Schlager station off now before I hurl stuff at the radio!"
by Bonteburg May 22, 2006
Just plain and simple a penis.
1: Hey bro lets do something.

2: Nah I got stuff to do around the house.

1: You're probably just laying in bed playing with your schlager.
by anonymous#1234 January 15, 2009
The act of falling face first, hands second.
Feefee schlagered when tripping on a rock.
by msycle November 10, 2011
An adjective meaning "drunk". Normally used in the past tense. "schlagered"

Comes from Wisconsin Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager who was arressted for drunk driving Feb. 2004.

See also, drunk
John got schlagered last night and threw up everywhere
by Sam March 26, 2004
Queerbait, one who's fit for a good prison rimjob.
His blatant faggotry will get him nowhere in life, what a schlager!
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
Fucking idiot who gets a cab 1 block from his destination. Also known as a cock blocker.
I would have hooked up with Miss Iowa except my buddy pulled a Schlager!
by Nick January 14, 2004
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