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The difficult fight a man faces against his cock when a boner is imminent.
Sarah: Your a good friend Joe. I feel so safe and unthreatened with you. (gives him a hug)

Joe thinking: Oh fuck, man. DON'T get a boner! DON'T a boner.

(Joe loses the cock fight; Joe gets a boner; Sarah tazes Joe; Joe says goodbye to plans of getting in Sarah's pants)
by rogerthewhale December 06, 2010
A contest in which two men stimulate each other sexually by masturbation or other means to see who can delay his orgasm the longest. Traditionally, the loser or his spouse(if present) gets fucked by the winner. Usually performed in front of an audience to increase the loser's humiliation.
Bart won his cockfight with Ben by making Ben cum first while everyone watched. His humiliation was complete after Bart fucked his ass and jizzed on his face while the audience jeered.
by dcnutzball December 16, 2005
When two male chickens, cocks, are put together after being mentaly harased by dirty gambling mexicans
"Cock fights are illegal in the USA"
by AzOOmA May 20, 2003
When you shove a rooster up your ass and it fights to get out.
Some people get off from cock-fights; I don't know why.
by A.N. Scriabin November 28, 2007
a chicken or penis fight
connor donahue likes to have organized cock fights for his guilty pleasure (without chickens)
by sexxxxxxxxxxxxybdoigvnj November 06, 2009
Two or more homosexual males (although sometimes it can involve heterosexual males: you know... the frat house type during a keg party) who engage in a duel with their errect penises.
Collin and Justin engage in a cock fight every Friday night before they hit the bars.
by cocker90210 July 01, 2011
A fight in which two drugged roosters try to kill each other.
Cock fights arefun to watch.
by Anonymous June 23, 2003
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