-A secret that is sooooo good to hear it.
-A big number
-Comes after 37
-Girlfriend's age
-My IQ
-Can be said faster than "Poopty Peupty Pants-ss"
"Hey little girl, did you want to know a secret? Well I know one, and it is sooooo good to hear it. You wanna know what it schwas? Alright, I'll tell you what it schwas. I can count....all de way....to..SCHFIFTY-FIVE. And I can tell you how to do it faster than you can say Poopty Peupty Pants-ss"
by Scrojmachett January 19, 2004
Top Definition
The number that comes after:
Shwam. Doo. Two and heif. Scheven. Schfourteenteen. Schwenty one. Twenty seven heif. Twenty seven, thirty seven!
(what you say???)
I know, how to count, all the way the SCHFIFTY FIVE.
by Juliya April 14, 2004
Do you want to hear a seeecret? Cause I know one...and it is SOOOO GOOD to hear it. Do you want me to tell you vhat it shvas? I tell you vhat it shvas.

I know how to count ALLL ZEE WAY to shfifty five. And I will show you how to do it before you can say POOPTY PEUPTY PANTS-SS. Are you ready baby? Alright.

Shvam. Doo. Two an heif. Scheven. Schfourteen-teen. Schventy one. Shventy seven-heif. Twenty seven, thirty seven, WHAT YOU SAY?

Shiggity shwo? Schfifty five.
Shiggity shiggity shwa? Schifity five.
Girlfriend's age? Schifity five.
My IQ? Schifity five.
Five + Five is schfifty schfifty SCHIFIFTY!
I can count all zee vay to schfifty five.
by MagentaBabe January 24, 2005
A secret that is SOOO good to hear, what you must pay.
What you say?
Sch-fifty five!
by Mattersy January 07, 2004
Fifty five, group x style.
"Girlfriend's age? schfifty five. My IQ? schfifty five."
by alison January 20, 2004
this is in correction to entry #1. the words to the animation were slightly off. im sorry but im picky like this and ive watched the animation MANY times. the real words are:
"hello little girl. did you want to know a SECERET? cuz i know one- and it is SO GOOD TO HEAR IT. you want to know what it shwas? alright, ill tell you what it shwas. i know how to count ALL THE WAY to SCHFIFTY-FIVE. and i will tell you how to do it faster than you can say poopty peupty paints-ss. you ready to hear it baby? all right.
by chiyochan64 May 14, 2005
A series of numbers begining with -----Shwam doo two and hief scheven schfourteen-teen schwentyone schwentyscheven hief 27 37 !!!!!!!WHAT YOU SAY!!!!!!!
girlfriends age is schfiftyfive!
by Michael May 12, 2004
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