An ex-scene kid who believes that they have grown up because they cut their hair, began wearing black, thick-framed glasses, and replaced their band tees with sweaters, but still dons the same beliefs, personality, and taste in music as before. A trend from 2012-2013 that is still currently ongoing. Scenesters are physically very close to the look of the "Hipster", but do not tend to have a hipster outlook on trends, music, etc.
Girl: My gosh, my ex cut off all his hair the other day claiming that scene kids are dead and it's time to grow up.
Friend: Oh my god, no way.

Girl: Little did he know I caught him listening to Blood on the Dance Floor the other day.

Friend: NO WAY!? What a scenester!
Girl: Yeah, you can change a scene kids clothes, but you can't change the scene kid.
by The_Brimmy June 12, 2013
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is a style that mean people like to call kids that dress a certian way
many get called"mullet head""scenney weeny" and many other degrading words
ha not really but its a annoying
people say we all dress the same but its very not true
cause if that was than gangster and billy and other style are the same
you see
many are determined by
-black hair cut in strange ways
-pants that are so tight there like really tight
-bands shirts normally in youtsizes(not many big scenes)
-lots and lots of eyeliner
-flats or shoes that they bought for 5.00$ and then painted
-you see them at many random places and venues
-they listen to many metalcore grindcore hardcore etc bands
-they will tell you there not scene
-they just might kick your ass if you call them emo
-chipped nail polish in random colors
-big bags
-white leather bealts
-underage smoking problems
-tends to drink alot
-on a street team and or band
-little girl bows and other clips in hair
-pomade shine spray hairspray peaicer and hairstraightner are a must
-many wash there hair once every 5-7 days
-cell phonessssssss
-music device
much more
you ppl like to say they are following a trend but lets face it no matter what your following a trend like or not and most of them are just like you so dont hate on us for dressing a certian way
"your se that emos hair"

"what you talking about shes "scenester"
by asrfafh November 16, 2006
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a person somewhere between hipster,emo and hardcore, or just all of them combined.Scenesters where alot of colors cause they want attention. They all think that by wearing tight clothes, dying their hair like 8 differnt colors, and having long bangs that their totally original. they all are obsessed with myspace and taking hundreds of pictures of themselves. Everything they do is an attempt to be "different" from everyone else. ANd like 90 percent of them claim to be "straight edge".
Scenester 1:hey, did u see my new default pic on my myspace.

Scenester 2:yeah dude! your hair looks so SCENE! i bet nobody has that many colors in their hair!

Scenester 1:dude im so straight edge! And SCENE!

Scenester 2: yea! lets go listen to THE USED!
by mike oochie December 24, 2007
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A (usually) young person involved in a particular underground/alternative scene based around music and bands, "in" hangouts, and partying. Usually very hierarchical according to how you dress, where you work/dj/what band you play in, what music you listen to and how obscure it is, and how well you are known by others in the "scene".
When I have 500 myspace friends, go to all the cool parties and never pay entry wherever i go, i know i'm a real scenester!
by DeathValley December 21, 2008
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scensters: people think that there kewl im dressing up all random with thing like bright colored pants, tight animal print shirts, vans and chucks or sometimes skater shoes, scarves that have no meaning, hankershifs that cover their faces like there from the bank robber days, and wear 3 different belts because one just isnt enough.

Girls: skinny jeans,
choppy hair with bangs that go across the face or over their eyes, usually black hair with random colors in it or pieces of blonde. may have lots of piercings, and wear enough make up to make them look like racoons.
Guys:usually black hair,piercings, tight jeans, band tshirt

Music: only listen to the things no one else would because there such rebels and tend to go to local shows and then brag about about it for 3 months until the next one they go to and can swing there arms around, almost punching people, and calling it hardcore dancing or moshing.

Attitude: tend to think there style is really unique when really all it is is dinosaurs, stars, hearts, guns, knives, skulls and a bunch of other things they think are soooo cute. think there the kewlest people in the world and everyone is copying them. tend to be stuck up and act like they just drank 4 red bulls and ate 50 bags of sour patch kids. tend to say things like the sex, rawr, omg, and other things they may have come up with like radzilla and scenetastic

Note: other stereotypes may fit these examples too but not as much
"OH M GEE! those vans like mine are so cute! like omg thats the sex!"

"rawr my dino i drew on my shoe is going to eat u!!! RAWWWWRRRRR!!! im so scenester!"
by Raber April 07, 2009
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a scenester is a person who thinks they are indie but are obviously not. Sometimes they are chavs which think they are indie once they have started college. They often admire indie kids and try to be like them but cannot ever be an indie kid. Also, scenesters are chavs which are labelled as emo but try to be mainstream by liking bright colours instead of black. Scensters are disgusting kids who are sometimes trend hoppers by calling themselves indie kids and going to gigs and then the next day are listening to local crap radio and raving on about how dance music is fantastic. they never stick to who they say they are and disagree with labels. They try to say that they are just themselves and do not fit into a stereotype.
Scenesters can be boys and girls. Typically scenesters:
wear converse, vans etc and copy the latest trends.
wear bright coloured clothes.
insist they do not have a label and are just themselves.
steal attributes from indie kids
try to label themselves indie when they aren't
often act very childish
think they are gods gift to the world and everyone loves them
jump between social groups
slag off chavs but they adopt chavvy characteristics (such asa drinking on street corners
use phrases such as the sex and kthnxbi
uses internet talk such as <3
in conclusion, scenesters are copy cat trend jumpers who try to not fit a stereotype. they should all be shot. cough cough my sister
by True indie kid August 12, 2007
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Posers who are:
Emo, because they listen to Busted and completely cover their face with their hair.
Goth, because they wear all black and want to kill their parents.
Gangsta, because they wear hoodies and chains
Metal, because they listen to My Chemical Romance and are all "aggress-shive"
Punk, because they are stupid
and Indie, because they listen to some band nobody has ever heard of, possibly made up

They also wear Mac make up which their parents pay for and are vegetarian because it's cool.

They are the new version of the prep. Don't worry kids, like the prep, the scenester will die out after college once they realise their parents can't buy them a job and will refuse to pay for their Mac make up.
1) Scenester: OMG!!! He is so the SEX!!!

Normal person: Ooh! His pants look really tight, that can't be comfortable.

Scenester: He's just individual

Normal person: The guy next to him is wearing the same thing

2) Scenester: I'm so goth

Goth: Who's your favourite band?

Scenester: Morbid angel, they are the SEX

Goth: That's death metal not gothic. Why not try Joy Division

Scenester: But they are not the SEX

3) She thinks she's so scene because her username is "I-HAV-A-FUKIN-SEXY-HXC-CUNT"
by Mrs Tripp Eisen April 19, 2008
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