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Valley Girl sluts that usually reach their full potential in high school but start whoring in about the eigth grade.
"I don't even want to go to college, I'm going to party every night and go home with a different guy every night, so i'll never have have a house. I'm dying my hair black and getting it in a razor cut next weekend. I like have a boyfriend but I'm totally bi. I'm the biggest scenester at this school."
by augurtoast January 06, 2006
(Acronym for Scene Kid ) - A Pathetic young person aged under 25 who blindly and mindlessly follows the flock like the Sheep they are but fit the description of: Males - Mohawks or Died hair and "punk" outfits although they know shit about the punk genre and only dress like a punk because its "in style". The female species of this diddicums group has choppy hair often with one side passing over either the left or right eye and is often dyed (usually black). In any cases Scenesters either listen to wussy poser "punk" bands (AKA "punk" bands that are actually on the top 40 or 50 or whatever charts and are overplayed on top 40/50 radio stns) ie. Blink 182, Greenday. or whatevers hot on the charts at current. Scenesters are another Sub-Group of Preps and chavs - sick fucks who like the sheep they are follow the crowd and dont know shit about individuality.
Those Scenesters - they need to be rounded at gunpoint to cathedral square, tied to that cone thingee and executed via firing squad for being poseurs - fuck them all, they die now
by Brother Number One June 29, 2005
To quote another definition:

If you consider yourself emo and listen to Dashboard Confessional, Fall Out Boy, All-American rejects, or Hawthorne Heights then your probably a scenesters for you follow a so-called trend or in this case scene.

Now here's something to chew on kiddies:

Much as I hate labels let's say I am a prep and I listen to the Sex Pistols. Does that make me punk? I think not.

Now let's say I am emo and happen to listen to one of the bands named above. Does that make me a poser?

Especially if I never claimed that the band was emo, I simply enjoy the music.

It's kind of sad that our characters should be judged by what kind of music we listen to. Maybe we should get to know people before we judge them.
Girl thinks of me and my friends as scenesters because we wear lots of black clothes, make up, and nail polish, and like metal, and punk rock.

Girl is stupid enough to voice her opinion.

I punch her in her face and tell her to learn a little bit more about me before she goes judging me because I SEEM to fit into a certain stereotype.
by DeLana July 16, 2006
stupid kids (generally indy types or emo children) who hang around in what they percieve to be cool hang outs, normally underage, and who claim to have been into the music and the whole actual life forever when really they got it from the NME last week.
I fucking hate scenesters
Look at those scenesters arent they too young to be here?
Why do scenesters have to pretend to be so cool?

Kid: Ive been into indy way longer than you!

Possibly me: Whats your faviourite band atm?

Kid: Kooks.

Me: Enough said.
by wb big dave September 16, 2006
An excuse that the lady in a video on the internet, entitled "EMO IS DEAD" gave for kids who consider themselves emo to use instead. For example you are basically someone who follows a trend or scene, like no offense in some cases a poser.

If you consider yourself emo and listen to Dashboard Confessional, Fall Out Boy, All-American rejects, or Hawthorne Heights then your probably a scenesters for you follow a so-called trend or in this case scene.
Emo is dead, those kids who all have thick-rimmed broken glasses who buy their clothes at the thrift store and cry a lot and hate life and cut themselves either like stereotypes, have serious mental problems, or are called scenesters.
a man/boy, woman/girl who dresses with a sense of style and cares what they look like. they have layered, chopped, and razored hair and the guys sometimes wear the makeup and girl pants. they listen to emo, hardcore and emo-core. their awesome and they will kick you in the face. :)
up in the sky.. its a bird.. its a plane.. its a SCENESTER! ahh!!
by meLiha April 14, 2005
All of you are hypocrtical dumbasses.Stop making fun of other people.Scenesters are scene kids who have unique hair and dress with the laest trends.Yes somewhat of followers.Get over it everyone follows something. It's just different things.Scenesters are sometimes sraightedge not always.

Scenester boii:
-tight skinny jeans
-band tee's,buuton up shirts,sweaters ect.ect.
-some sort of slide on shoes
-long hair usually spiked in the back longer in the front(over the face),black or multi-colored
-very unconfident or very confident usually romantic

Scenester girlie:
-skinny jeans,skirts(usually stripes,poka dots,&& hearts ect.ect.)
-band tee's,thermals,sweaters,ect.ect.
-flats or other slide on shoes
-medium or shortish hair, layered,over the face,multi-colored or black
-very unconfident or very confident
Scenester girlie= sexxxhiarrr
Scenester boii= iamthesexxx

iamthesexxx:bb ily

sexxxhair:awh bb boi ily2

iamthesexxx:gilie you're my worlddd

sexxxhairrr:awh bb you're so sweet


sexxxhairrr:we should go shoping soon bb

iamthesexxx:yeah we haven't been in like a whole week!

sexxxhairrr:i know!

iamthesexxx:what are you doing bb

sexxxhairrr:listening to music && myspaceing && taking
pictures! :]]

iamthesexxx:me too!



Scenesters are the sexxx.
by JessiCUNT<3 December 09, 2006