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An individual who partakes in 'myspace' trends, while obtaining mild obscurity fashion taste, and claiming to be unique, while hanging out with people that look exactly the same. Some modern day trends have de-evolutionized this idiocy to a new level and they are as follows:


tight pants; usually girl pants

slip-on shoes such as vans

the XS hoodie with a band that they don't even listen to but bought it at a show, cause it looked cool

posting on bulletins:
w4wing, pc4pc, s4s (whore 4 whore)(picture comment 4 picture comment) (sign 4 sign)
or some train called 'HORRIFIC PERFECTION' with pictures of people at their best angles.

Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bear, Diamonds, Bats paraphernalia

Covering your face with as much hair as possible (To make yourself look a lot more attractive than you already are)

Having Drop Dead and/or Bring Me The Horizon on your Top Friends.

Going to shows and gossiping about other scenesters.

Usually wearing black band shirts.

Making a gang and telling everyone to post it on their myspace.

Hector Horrid - Chris Contagious is soooo popular he has 4782462 friends.

Amanda Anesthetic - AND HE'S ON AP|VIP|DS|NP|OK!!!

Hector Horrid - He's a way better scenester than me. =
by AlexanderEMPIRE December 23, 2007

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