people need to fucking stop stereotyping about what they think is scene emo indie hardcore etc yea you'll say we all look the fucking same but dude every group of peopple or friends has some type of style thats what makes it a group something unique if how we dress is a little more outrageous than you who fuckin cares were not fucking hurting you get a life and get over yourself youre not better tahn anybody else no matter who you fucing are im tired of all the stereotypical cliche labels people are giving each other when you were born you were given a name thats your label not scecester emo kid or even prep jock wiger nigger so on stop fucking hating on the people you dont know but wish you could somehow be like and get a fucking life
gay ass prepp- emo kids are so gay

'scenester'- shut the fuck up and stop fucking labeling people
by July 24, 2006
Scenester is another term like emo used against particular teens for their taste in clothes and music. People have decided that scenesters are arrogant and think they're cooler than everyone else, why they think this? Who knows, probably jealously. Either way it's just another perfectly exceptable taste thats ridiculed and disrespected...great.
Boy 1: Urgh look at that scenester he's wearing tight trousers
Boy 2: And...? What?
Boy 1: I don't know, i just think it's urgh
Boy 2: Oh well, you've shown me
Boy 1: Yeah i know, i'm a stereotypical idiot
Boy 2: Yeah cause you're a disrespectful loser
by Katieface April 12, 2007
Any kid who would rather spend their Friday night on myspace whining to their friends about how they have nowhere to go or nothing to do.

Typically found wearing whatever shitty trend that is current at the mo. Right now that would be taking pictures of themselves in different angles, even "cooler" if done in black and white. Also like polkadots, headbands, phrases like "guns that go bang bang", "Lyke you're so electrikk" and "I'M A DINOSAUR!". Claim to be "noncomformists" and of course they're just oh-so-unique, because almost every single one of their friends looks just like them.

You can't be scene without adding a second letter to the end of every word and bastardizing the ampersand.

Categorized by whoring the "¢¾" hearts at the end of every message and writing "cute" little comments at the end of their post. "Let's cut our hearts open and dance in the bloody mess." Like you would REALLY do that? Psh you don't have the balls to use a gun. Emo pussy.

Stereotypically, are known for their melancholy nature, like to cut to "emo music" which is really just a pathetic excuse for music, its only about the image and screaming into a microphone. Like to whine about their problems and make suicide threads when in reality their so called "problems" aren't really there; in fact, chances are they're a middle class white kid living in a suburban area, one FAR from the ghetto so NO they are NOT "gansturr".

Tend to form superficial, meaningless relationships and the cycle only starts over every time someone "breaks their porcelain, fragile little emo heart." They like to whine, cry, and sing about a breakup when in reality chances are the relationship was never really there.

The unofficial motto of emos seems to be "the more you look like me, the more EMO and scene you are. And we can be RAD that term was out by the 90s, you pussy. Stop living in the past. and have hot sex together." And then you'll be "the sex". Hahahahahah. Stupid shits.

In other words, what is emo?

...Ignorant little sheep that are easily controlled and possess greasy, black untaimed hair.

Its only a matter of WHEN this stupid trend will go out of style, but then the scenesters and emos will just evolve into something new to hate. You just can't win.
Ex 1: We're so scenester, and like emoxcore, kthxbye.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Stupid emo little pussys.
by Emo Stomper July 09, 2006
A scenester is someone who follows the local scene. i.e. scene kid ... who is very trendy
So what is wrong with being trendy? Why do so many of you have such a bad oppinion about scenesters? haterzz...
So what if robots and diamonds and Hello Kitty are trendy? Why does that bother you? Why can't people with a passion for trends follow them? That doesn't make them posers you fuktards... technically YOU are following a trend of hating trendy people. OHEMGEE GUYS, what losers you bunch are! Following a trend? pffft.
Also, the trend is not "emo" so get it straight. There is no such thing as dressing "emo". As emo is a genre of music. (p.s. if you cut yourself that does not make you emo, you probably don't even know what emo is. you think you do because you watch Much Music... besides, a lot of preppies cut themselves.) Don't try to understand what a scenester is by looking it up on the internet, get up, and go out there. Get out there and be there, before you judge and label people.
#1: why do so many people have a bad oppinion about scene kids/scenesters

#2: they don't...

#1: yeah, they're always like "they are POSERS, they are FAKES, they are SHEEP"

#2: well those people don't know what they're talking about

someone who tries to be emo but, however, they can't pull it off.
Hillary (Ashlee Simpson) is such a fake. She looks like such a scenester.
by gigga May 06, 2006
a rather interesting person. contrary to very popular belief, they don't all just follow trends. the only trend these people follow is a love of music, which often bands them together. some of them are sxe, (straight edge) which means no sex, drugs, or drinking. but not all of them are. a lot of the girl wear brightly colored eyeshadows, maticulosly put onwith the greatest of care. many also wear brightly colored clothes, tight jeans, and flats. big round beaded necklaces or bracelets may be included also. the girls usually have razored hair, and it may or may not be dyed.
the guys usually wear tight pants, and/or tight shirts with a large belt buckle sometimes with guns or the like on it. they also usually wear some type of skate shoe or converses.they usually also have very nice hair, and you can tell they spent some time on it. that does not mean they are gay. it means they care about their apperance.
those scenester kids have some great taste in music

i love the way the people in the scene dress.

those scenester kids can be really original sometimes.
by ewrfewf December 28, 2005
One who is loyal to or/an originator of a particular scene. Scenesters are the first to realize that said scene is {cool}. The scenester is quickly followed by the {hipster}, who, in endless vain tries to become a {scenester}. The difference being that the true scenester will die with the scene, while the {hipster} moves on to {pose} within another scene/or more likely scenes.
The hipster fucks tried to move in on the Bay Area Underground Hip-Hop Scene, but the scenesters didn't take any $h*t and booted those fake motherfer's the f*$ck out.
by Nicholai Hel July 14, 2005

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