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a scene bitch is one of those really vain scene/emo/hardXcore girls who take pics of themselves semi naked in their bathrooms, then post bulletins saying "comment my pics kthnx"

Preppy Girl: "OMG, look at Alyssa, she has turned into sucha scene bitch"

Dumb Preppy Girl: "I thought she was emo"
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1. A girl who has such a fake personality it has to spread onto websites such as myspace.
2. A scene bitch tends to masturbate over childs cartoon characters such as Hello Kitty.
3. Scene bitches tend to be ugly and draw attention away from their face by having bright colours in their hair that is blinding.
4. Usually they will have a silly amount of friends on myspace unless someone hacks it and ruins their fake personality :)
Random Guy: Gawd Chan is a right scene bitch!
Christie: No she is not, so shut up or I will cheat on my boyfriend again!
Nicole: Yeah and I will eat some more.
Random Guy: Uhhh... What a weird bunch of plastics.
by Lol@THAT January 17, 2008
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