an std tahat you don't wanna get
i got scavies from your mom dude
by BOSER March 24, 2003
Top Definition
You're all a bunch of idiots, the word you are talking about is SCABIES. And its not solely a STD. You can get it from anyone you have skin contact with who has it. If your arm rubs against a persons arm who has it at the store...then you will more than likely get SCABIES. You can also get it by sharing clothes, or blankets, or towels...etc.
I borrowed Sarah's blanket and she had scabies, now I do too. =(
by CwaZy KiLLa LeTTe January 02, 2004
a word used to people who think they're better than everyone so they deserve special treatment.
"That girl is so annoying."
"I know, she's a scavy little bitch."
by Rosalie Cresta January 03, 2013
Term used to describe someone who is acting like a scavenger.
You are such a little scavy.
Why are you stealing my food you scavy!
by jordan December 19, 2003
Northern Irish, meaning to get lucky or random luck.
" Hes well scavy with girls like"

"that was such a scavy shot"

by Levii September 16, 2008
an STD that causes irritation to ones skin
What is that nasty stuff on his arm? scavies, probably from fisting his boyfriends ass.
by Anonymous October 11, 2003
little buggies that crawl all over your body and leave bite marks in trails
. . . . . . dirty ars, you gave me scavies.
by me October 02, 2003
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