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Anything that has to do with anything
Wow! that was mad blargen
by Boser November 22, 2003
a candy like skittles, but it was little sniggles running around in them
These sniggle-bitties are good
by BOSER March 24, 2003
a hella good time.10 people having sex at one time.
damn, there was me and 9 girls at the orgy on 7th and broadway.
by BOSER March 24, 2003
one who rapes.A man who molests you women.The man is usually REALLY desperate for sex.
That's him. Thats the raper.
by BOSER March 24, 2003
A big cocksucking son of bitch! He likes touching men when hes in a relationship with girls. Hes a fatass and likes fighting but gets his ass whoped all the time! HAHA so LADIES remeber dont go out with evanders they are manwhores! ADVICE: GO OUT WITH DAVIDS OR JUANS THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!
Girl: Hey
evander: hey u hungry?
girl: no
evander: well i am lets go to mcdonalds
girl: no
evander: well then lets check out men!
by BoSeR April 29, 2012
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