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an STD that causes irritation to ones skin
What is that nasty stuff on his arm? scavies, probably from fisting his boyfriends ass.
by Anonymous October 11, 2003
You're all a bunch of idiots, the word you are talking about is SCABIES. And its not solely a STD. You can get it from anyone you have skin contact with who has it. If your arm rubs against a persons arm who has it at the store...then you will more than likely get SCABIES. You can also get it by sharing clothes, or blankets, or towels...etc.
I borrowed Sarah's blanket and she had scabies, now I do too. =(
by CwaZy KiLLa LeTTe January 02, 2004
a word used to people who think they're better than everyone so they deserve special treatment.
"That girl is so annoying."
"I know, she's a scavy little bitch."
by Rosalie Cresta January 03, 2013
Term used to describe someone who is acting like a scavenger.
You are such a little scavy.
Why are you stealing my food you scavy!
by jordan December 19, 2003
Northern Irish, meaning to get lucky or random luck.
" Hes well scavy with girls like"

"that was such a scavy shot"

by Levii September 16, 2008
little buggies that crawl all over your body and leave bite marks in trails
. . . . . .
ew...you dirty ars, you gave me scavies.
by me October 02, 2003
an std tahat you don't wanna get
i got scavies from your mom dude
by BOSER March 24, 2003