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A scatman is a person who stutters but is able to turn it into an awesome beat.
Scatman John is a scatman, he really knows how to scat a good rhyme.
by Scatman John September 12, 2004
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A popular song in the mid 1990s by Scatman John. The song's message is to feel good about yourself, no matter what, and that just because you stutter, you can still make a great tune!
"I'm the Scatman! Yeaaaahh, I'm the Scatman!"
by lte September 17, 2006
A man that is too fast for this century.
Let me do it i`m faster!!!
I`m the Scatman faster than light.
by Stoutass November 16, 2008
The man who releases his bowels often and most of the time in public offending everyone.
Sammy is the Scat Man.
by riggs mane May 03, 2006
1. A man that sings the type of music called scat
2. A man who likes scat or shit in his mouth.
Girl... i dont roll like that
by 1337 |-|4x0|2 November 20, 2006

don't believe me, look it up
he simply loved shit and probably ate shit too

A true scatman
by MeltedSOX September 03, 2016
Scatman, he often pot belly pig Olympigs championist Tokyo was racist towards becoming a problem we do not even Scatland recorded his album. The super Kireisukyattoman su, su song blew the pig to achieve his anus in the record command, he actually, he still has to admit that stuttering is not the best performance, all he It is to manually blow air into the pig's ass had to fart in his mustache, it is the secret of his I have since he was only knew that tried to meet the pigs ourselves in 12 years that I, my grandfather received a Scatman in our house, we drink classic Suntory Brewing him alias' gave pig urine 'and he went crazy ...
the upper part is the backtranslation of a japanese, so it sounds funny although it makes more sense in the original "rena yamada's interview about scatman"
by September 06, 2010
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