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A regular soccer fan who is not a hooligan.
the hooligans did not attack the rival team's fans, because they were just scarfers
by banana head December 01, 2004
Self-Care Apathy Resulting From Existence of Relationship. Refers to someone who lets go after they become established with another person. Can be used as a noun or verb as seen in examples below.
1: Dude, what happened to Mia? She's been coming in with sweatpants all week.
2: She became a scarfer ever since she got engaged.

1: Is Joe getting fat?
2: He's been scarfing ever since he got married.
by yosupsupsup May 25, 2013
the action of farting in the bathtub and consuming the bubbles
"man, he is such a scarfer"
"tell me about it, eww"
by lyzzieloo January 02, 2008