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Malory is a girl who is smart, creative, kind, beautiful and just all around perfect with an amazing body. She is very kind hearted and almost anyone who meets her instantly falls in love. in a group of many people, a malory may seem shy and introverted. but with her friends, she is expressive, witty, and quite charming. malory's will always be seen with a smile on their face, instantly brightening up any room. They are lovers, who are easy to get along with. If you are dating a malory, you are lucky because walking around with a malory can make anybody jealous. if you are friends with a malory, don't loose her!
jack:"hey you know our friend malory?"
dale: "yeah she is so gorgeous with such a great personality."
jack: "what are we doing here then? lets go bow down at her feet!"
dale: "lets go!"
by jake from state farm July 24, 2012
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a fierce, 100%canibal; one who enjoys eating, breathing, and talking about people. though she has a quite goofy side, malory is constantly, canibal(ing).
" gee bud, youre acting like a malory! "
by alisa rios January 24, 2008
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