short for scandinavian flick also known as scandy.
coming up is a 90 degree corner, scando it! scandy it!
by zakdogg12 March 11, 2011
Top Definition
you know, like scandalous, just more ghetto sounding.
by Allie October 29, 2001
Some one of scandinavian descent, often derogatory. Referring to lame scandinavian customs, bland foods and albino-like skin
"Go get tan, you look like a scando"
by pener April 03, 2005
1. a scandalous girl that is DTF but at the same time is actually cool to hang out with hence making her seemingly not slutty in practice. 2. a cool girl that's always DTF. 3. an independent home girl without the drama, who more than likely that doesn't care if you end up having sex with one of the girls you bring along to the party, heck she might even try to get you laid if you don't end up hooking up with her: no strings attached.
The only reason Tracey isn't girlfriend material is because she's a scando, which is more than likely a better relationship anyway because we have sex and chill and I don't have to worry about emotional stuff with her. Not to mention she doesn't get jealous and is always down to party.
by NittyGritty April 15, 2015
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