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Short term for scandalous
I heard she was spreading rumors about you. She's so scandy.
by shawn February 17, 2004
Scandinavian, typically of the travelling variety
He hang out at backpackers bars, hoping to pick up a randy Scandy
by Scan-fan July 20, 2003
A slang term used to describe a Scandinavian (from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland or Iceland). To sound extra cool, you can say "Dandy Scandy"
That Swedish girl is one SCANDY!
#norwegian #swedish #danish #icelandic #finnish
by tidymum94 June 17, 2009
adj. Scandi, Scandies

People of northern Europe consisting of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Finland and Iceland are often included in the region, especially in political relationships.

They are usually know for their blond hair, blue eyes and white skin, though it is actually known by people from within Scandinavia that a lot of Scandies get tan very easily.

Fun fact: Most Scandies' hair which isn't blond, changes color to blond in the summer, due to extra exposing of sunlight.
Man, I wish I was a Scandy too!
#scandi #scandu #scandy #scandic #scandinavia #scandinavian #scandomantis #scando #blond people #white people #beautiful people #blue eyes #blue eyed people #northern people #north europe
by AudaciousSam July 20, 2011
A group of girls from windsor who are scandelous.
Juan: Hey its the scandies
Gibbons:who are they?
Juan: haley madison brittnay and alex.
Gibbons:i have a boner, DAMNNNNN!
i wanna be just like them call me scandie #5!
#scandies #windsor #hurt #yee #thizz
by Margret Rumperdoodle August 25, 2009
a word used to describe someone who breaks the barriers of average scandals on a dance floor. These people usually remove clothing and grind in an erotic and passionate way in sync with one another.
Jamye and Whitney were being scandies at Club David last night, everyone was staring.
#scandal #dancing #hot #erotic #drunk
by kidneythief83 May 05, 2009
a undersized bag of weed
yo, why did u buy this? Its scandy
by Defeo June 13, 2005
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