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Some one of scandinavian descent, often derogatory. Referring to lame scandinavian customs, bland foods and albino-like skin
"Go get tan, you look like a scando"
by pener April 03, 2005
What happens when you are trying to get with a girl in some way and someone else intercepts you or gets in your way, preventing the slay.
Peder walked in and slayblocked me when I was about to make my move with sarah
by pener April 04, 2005
An intense desire and need for the slay. Just like rabies your mouth starts to water and you foam at the mouth and start to lose your mind if you do not slay soon
I hope these girls can cure my wicked slaybies
by pener April 03, 2005
Marijuana in the dried plant form. Often contains stems and seeds. Often considered weaker weed, but is often just as good as nug
This schwag looks like praire grass
by pener April 03, 2005
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