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Someone with a fetish for fish or other water-dwelling animals
Ewww, Victor, you're such a scaley!
by aldrich_lucas April 03, 2011
A scaley is similar to a furry, however, it deals with anthropomorphic reptiles and amphibians as opposed to mammals.
"Dude, check out this furry pic of squirtle getting it on with bulbasaur!"

"That's not furry. It's scaley."
by Argonian August 03, 2009
The word scaley is most commonly used to describe a shady, stealthy, backstabbing person. The acual word came from the description of a snake, which is a stealty low living reptile that you wouldnt want to be described as.
Man, that Allen kid slithers like a fucking snake, hes so scaley.
by Dankins February 26, 2008
A scaley is usally someone you dont like but can be used as omg there ugly
omg thats persons such a scaley
by fionapg March 08, 2007
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