Supercharger; A blower or compressor that is driven by the engine and supplies air under high pressure to the cylinders of an internal-combustion engine.
"I just got my kennebell SC, w00t!!"
by bmo y0 April 19, 2007
An acronym for Soccer Cunt, an SC is a girl of the high school age, who plays soccer daily. They also come up with idiotic inside jokes amongst each other. Most SC's have huge egos and little sexual drive.
The SCs keep pissing me off with their small boobs and dumb responses.
by allienj July 10, 2008
South Central, Straight Comptan, or Southern Cali.
Man 1: There was shooting in the SC.

Man 2: Which one?
by Phreak June 20, 2004
Strip Club: Also known as a gentlemen's club; a place for adult entertainment.
Are you going to the sc tonight?
by Racine Morris May 18, 2005
A screenshot/screencapture.
Take an sc for me.
Lemme find an sc.
by unknown51a May 18, 2005
Southern California
South Central (Los Angeles)
depending on context
South Central LA is in Southern California
by Flip Locc June 03, 2004

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