Santa Cruz, the best city eva, located in NOR CAL, an hour south of san francisco, where the wetsuit and cold water surfing were invented, home of Santa cuz sakteboards and O'neill's Surf Shop and The Santa Cruz Beach Board Walk
Dude i visited SC and there was awsome surf, but too many tourists during the summer
by Quinn Doud August 17, 2006
dude, don't screenshot my ugly snapchat
by Sagitarius February 06, 2015
SC is a Stoned Child by birth. u can tell if someone is a stone child by if they look stoned (high) or act and they arent stoned or high. SCs is more this one SC.
whad up SC.

hey, look at that SC group.

that a lot of SCs.
by DJ~Green~ June 05, 2009
1. StarCraft.
2. Santa Clara.
1. My copy of SC keeps crashing.
2. I'm stuck in LA with no mode of transportation back to SC. Stupid major cities!
by dj gs68 August 04, 2003
Spawn Camp.
don't sc or i'll blow your head off you damn nub
by IveDogg May 06, 2004
so cute. this is aim slang to describe someone or something.
You are sc!
That is sc.
Did you hear about what they did it was just sc.
sc you are.(yoda speech)
by aprudhomme May 18, 2007
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