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Code for "shitcanned". Used by managers and employees during general water cooler discussion as a means of avoiding sounding alarm about an approaching layoff. While the word "shitcanned" has been around for years, the code "SC" has only become commonplace during the economic downturn of 2008 and 2009.
Two managers are standing in the break room eating doughnuts and drinking coffee.

Manager 1: What is Mary doing over there? I never see her do any actual work.
Manager 2: Don't worry, I hear she is SC next week.
by Freddy Ferno October 06, 2009
19 29
SC is a Stoned Child by birth. u can tell if someone is a stone child by if they look stoned (high) or act and they arent stoned or high. SCs is more this one SC.
whad up SC.

hey, look at that SC group.

that a lot of SCs.
by DJ~Green~ June 05, 2009
25 38
Server Check
The servers down due to a sc
by ZBryan July 10, 2008
18 33
An abbreviation for Santa Clause.
Mom: "Want to go sit in his lap?"

Daughter: "No... that SC is creepy."
by gibberling April 29, 2007
24 47
1. StarCraft.
2. Santa Clara.
1. My copy of SC keeps crashing.
2. I'm stuck in LA with no mode of transportation back to SC. Stupid major cities!
by dj gs68 August 04, 2003
34 57
Spawn Camp.
don't sc or i'll blow your head off you damn nub
by IveDogg May 06, 2004
8 34
so cute. this is aim slang to describe someone or something.
You are sc!
That is sc.
Did you hear about what they did it was just sc.
sc you are.(yoda speech)
by aprudhomme May 18, 2007
5 32