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1. A person or thing that is kool/beastly

2. To have a massive voice crack

Man you are are such a prudhommenator.
You pulled a prudhommenator.
prudhommenator is the only word i can think of to describe your performance.
by aprudhomme May 18, 2007
A woman that after sex tears the nipples of guys with her teeth and eats them.
I just got attacked in bed by a frogger, it was great tell she ripped mt nipples off.
by aprudhomme May 18, 2007
so cute. this is aim slang to describe someone or something.
You are sc!
That is sc.
Did you hear about what they did it was just sc.
sc you are.(yoda speech)
by aprudhomme May 18, 2007
A term for a condom.
Did u put on a toga?
by aprudhomme May 18, 2007
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