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Extremely sad, but also extremely amazing
Someone dropped an arrow out of a plane and it nailed my friend in the eye and it was extremely sawsome!
by Dan The Male June 16, 2008
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so awsome, that's so awsome
that movie was sawsome
by Adam Butler August 22, 2007
It just means awesome
Did you see that? That's sawsome
by Any April 23, 2007
A slang word that means "it's awsome".
person 1: Omg do you love my new belt?!
person 2: Sawsome.
by blonde_and_beautiful April 22, 2007
It all happened at camp when my friend was eating pasta and somebody said "hey this sauce is really great" and my friend coined the phrase sawsome which is sauce and awesome mixed.
"This sauce is sawsome"
by Filip October 21, 2004

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