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5 definitions by Filip


smoking a load until the weed in the bowl peice get sucked into the water.
"Dude this kid is snapping a 5er in one hit."
by Filip January 05, 2005
Word for lying and/or making something up
"Man thats a total shizzzaw"
"Your full of shizzzaw"
by Filip October 21, 2004

Five dollars worth of weed, usually around .2 grams.
I just bought a fiver.
by Filip January 05, 2005
It all happened at camp when my friend was eating pasta and somebody said "hey this sauce is really great" and my friend coined the phrase sawsome which is sauce and awesome mixed.
"This sauce is sawsome"
by Filip October 21, 2004
marijuana, pot, weed. A load would be equivalent to a bowl.
Those are some dank loads.

Pack a load.
by Filip January 03, 2005