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When slutty girls dress up in things they would never wear and the other girls can't say anything about them, like in MeanGirls.
-girl 1: what are u gonna wear to Josh's Halloween party?
girl 2: idk, but last year was such a hoaroween, I don't want to be, like, a TV agian.
by blonde_and_beautiful April 22, 2007
Although some people may think so, a "prep" is not always a negative thing. A prep is simply someone who wears clothes that are in-style (Hollister, American Eagle,...etc). Preps usually:
-say "like" a lot
-wear expensive clothes
-have a purse
-are still in school (including college)
-are friends with mainly other preps
-are part of a clique
-wear jewelry
-straighten their hair
-do their nails
-love shoes
-wear make-up
-wear purfume
-end up getting a nose-job
-wear bows in their hair

this isn't always negative, though. Preps and emos tend to be opposites, but that doesn't always mean they hate each other.
prep1: omg can you believe Shannon broke up with Tyler?!
prep2: no way! I saw them making out like yesterday!
prep1: omg i know.
prep2: omg i can ask him to the dance tomorrow!
prep1: omg you're such a slut, lol
prep2: omg i know, lol
by blonde_and_beautiful April 22, 2007
A slang word that means "it's awsome".
person 1: Omg do you love my new belt?!
person 2: Sawsome.
by blonde_and_beautiful April 22, 2007

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