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total awesomeness although not better than awesome sauce or Awesome SawSome but still within the rankings of awesome
takes time to learn to say fast and spell right
dude that shirt is awesometasticnessocity ozmosity
by Issybizzy555 October 28, 2010
Awesome sawsome means that something has officially hit the epitome of awesomeness, using Awesome SawSome is dangerous because if you call something Awesome SawSome, but isn't you can't take it back. Awesome SawSome is used when the awesomest of all the awesome things in this awesome world happens.
Dude: I just got a new phone, compared to my rinky dink 5 button one!
Other Dude: Dude you are Awesome SawSome!!
by Issybizzy555 October 28, 2010

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