a transvestite.
Like Lily Savage, A man who dresses as a woman. Or, vice versa, a woman who dresses as a man
by SMAX6 September 06, 2010
the act of leaving a smear of fecal matter on the toilet bowl.
i took a massive dump this morning. i savaged the bowl so bad it took me 7 minutes to clean it.
by nopseudonymavailable February 07, 2010
savage, (saavijj) adjective- extremely cool, sick, nasty, or awesome
Yo, dude squash is totally savage!
by K skahan/J mertz November 07, 2007
when something sucks to a certain extent.
Jim says, "Dude, she just kicked him in the balls!"
Tim says, "Dude, that was savage"
Tim says, "You're fired"
Bob says, "You savage bastard"!
by me34 June 05, 2007
verb - to absolutely decimate on a sexual level.
Yo, you gotta savage that shit!
by billyyy October 14, 2006
When a person is doing very good in some thing.
Holy shit u c Joe playing ball down there? Damn son he's savagin!


Yo lets go play some halo so i can savage that shit.
by mike241 August 04, 2006
The act of enthusiastically performing a lewd act upon an unsuspecting object or person, utilising the genitalia or more commonly the tongue. Most commonly performed upon the face or ear of a colleague.
WOMAN - "Officer, that man just savaged my ear with his tongue!"
POLICEMAN - "Do not worry madam, I'm on the case. Come here you vicious miscreant. I'm going to savage you so hard you won't be able to hear/walk/speak for a week."
by roomwithaview May 21, 2006

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