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One who cannot behave in a manner consistent with civilized society; One who emits primordial noises reminiscent of orangutans in African Rainforests; One who lacks basic concepts of hygiene and of cleanliness in public areas; One whose mental and physical characteristics suggest de-evolution and/or an experiment in genetic engineering gone seriously wrong.
1. "Chris and Thomas"

2. "God damn it, my roommates are savages."

3. "Those savages look out of place here, we really need to help them by releasing them into the jungle somewhere."

4. "I'm sick of savages masquerading as humans."
by K.F. Gauss May 14, 2005
)...lauren M

2)Acting or behaving like Lauren in any shape, form, state or matter.

3)Conducting yourfelf in a way so halirious you make Sarah pee her pants... if not have a stroke or kidney failure
Lauren is my little savage for dumping on the phone w/me...having a happy trail...and likeing it!!!
how ya like that Laur-hore
luv ya!!!
RETARD shhhhhh don't tell anyone
by Pepperanne July 17, 2004
very good

cam be used to discribe cool things/people. when used with people, a person is a savage, or a sav for short. if a person completes a great task they are a savage.
1. that guy that climbs on all the roofs and paints frogs on them is a savage, i would never have thought of that.

2. that tofu sandwitch was savage.

3. dude, your dad is a savage for smoking us out again.
by tofurock July 13, 2004
Girl who takes a lot of dick.
John: She just went through quadruple penetration!

Edgar: What a fucking savage.
by Dickuminati June 13, 2014
Acting like a primitive, thirsty, male or female. Doing things like eating out a females butt or asking a lot of girls and getting curved
Did you hear what Andre did? He put his face in a girls ass in the middle of class... How savage...
by VicTheDick April 13, 2014
A word from the Post-70's Hippie Subculture meaning a cariety of things including but not confined to: BadAss, Dank, Crazy, WHOA!

Something crazily Violent.
You: How are you today?

Friend: Good, I just watched Donut Pirate and other Julian Smith videos.

You: He is so Savage!
by H.2012 February 23, 2012
Transvestite..... comes from Lilly Savage
That's not a lady my friend she's a total savage.....

Look at the size of her hands!! Gotta be a savage!
by Ricklink September 06, 2010