A bad ass mother fucker. Who has the balls to do something no one else will do. Also known as Shelby.
Jo:"if you could make it black from the ashes of your heart please."
Jake:"oooo savage"
by Fambam99 November 17, 2015

Bringer of McChicken
"Wow that girl is so savage, she brought McChickens to Yu-Gi-Oh club"
by Ultravioletsavage January 10, 2015
A "savage" is someone who is "ruthless" with the women. He tends to be quite the ladies man.

The term "womanizer" is an understatement.

It is often substituted with it's shorter version "sav".
"You see those 7 smoke-shows over there? I heard Patty conquered each of them!"

"Dude, I heard he got with their sisters too!"

"He is such a Savage!"

"What a Sav!"
by WhatsUp369 September 16, 2012
i cigarette with the filter ripped off
"pass me that Savage"
"Are u smoking a savage right now? your crazy playa"
by Danny Casco September 28, 2011
used to say that soomething was really awesome, good, talented, sweet, badass.
man that trick was savage!
by JohnDeere1991 October 13, 2009
To get so tan that you look like a native.
Me and Mary Kate went down to the beach today and got savage. Im about ten shades darker.
by christine7 July 08, 2009
When a person is doing very good in some thing.
Holy shit u c Joe playing ball down there? Damn son he's savagin!


Yo lets go play some halo so i can savage that shit.
by mike241 August 04, 2006

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