Being so ruthless as to make people eat out of your hand
Wow do you see her she's a savage she makes fuckbois eat out of her hand
by Shlongmasta April 07, 2015
Being bad ass, go hard or go home
Jacob is the one and only savage
by Nolan bob March 10, 2015
A nigga who don't give a fuck what people think, and does what the fuck they want
Chief keef is savage as fuck. He be shooting niggas left and right
by Savagedude21 February 05, 2015
Some one who that is willing to do crazy shit and not care about the consequences. His or her actions often leave people wondering if there crazy .
Briana is so fucking savage , it scares me man .
by The wise one bitxhh January 14, 2015

Bringer of McChicken
"Wow that girl is so savage, she brought McChickens to Yu-Gi-Oh club"
by Ultravioletsavage January 10, 2015
A "savage" is someone who is "ruthless" with the women. He tends to be quite the ladies man.

The term "womanizer" is an understatement.

It is often substituted with it's shorter version "sav".
"You see those 7 smoke-shows over there? I heard Patty conquered each of them!"

"Dude, I heard he got with their sisters too!"

"He is such a Savage!"

"What a Sav!"
by WhatsUp369 September 16, 2012
i cigarette with the filter ripped off
"pass me that Savage"
"Are u smoking a savage right now? your crazy playa"
by Danny Casco September 28, 2011

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