Acting like a primitive, thirsty, male or female. Doing things like eating out a females butt or asking a lot of girls and getting curved
Did you hear what Andre did? He put his face in a girls ass in the middle of class... How savage...
by VicTheDick April 13, 2014
A "savage" is someone who is "ruthless" with the women. He tends to be quite the ladies man.

The term "womanizer" is an understatement.

It is often substituted with it's shorter version "sav".
"You see those 7 smoke-shows over there? I heard Patty conquered each of them!"

"Dude, I heard he got with their sisters too!"

"He is such a Savage!"

"What a Sav!"
by WhatsUp369 September 16, 2012
i cigarette with the filter ripped off
"pass me that Savage"
"Are u smoking a savage right now? your crazy playa"
by Danny Casco September 28, 2011
Transvestite..... comes from Lilly Savage
That's not a lady my friend she's a total savage.....

Look at the size of her hands!! Gotta be a savage!
by Ricklink September 06, 2010
when someone eats quietly with or without other people near by
alex was a savage when she ate her cup of noodles alone on her bed.
by ji39zz August 20, 2010
To get so tan that you look like a native.
Me and Mary Kate went down to the beach today and got savage. Im about ten shades darker.
by christine7 July 08, 2009
Savage is somthing that is extreme in either a good or bad way. It can be used to describe a certain aspect or used to add on to that aspect of someone.
Dude, Kimbo Slice is a savage fighter.

Dude, that guys ears are so big, lets call him savage ears, because they are savage and big!
by Ice Doctor 777 February 23, 2009

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