Savage: Urban Dictionary not publishing my definition of happiness.
Urban Dictionary didn't publish my definition for happiness.
How Savage.
by everyotherpseudonymistaken July 30, 2016
Cool. Awesome. Violent.

The best last name, nickname and it means pure awesome.
Yo, Aiden is a savage
For sure. He's a pure savage
Don't mess with him or his lady.
by ImSoSavage June 05, 2016
Gordon Ramsey
It's fucking raw you bitch ; example of Gordon Ramsey's savageness
by Gordon Ramsey Jr. May 15, 2016
Someone who can respond with funny but hurtful comebacks and is a badass
Tyler's comebacks aren't savage enough he should really learn from that girl Lily who can tell off anyone immediately
by thesavvest June 04, 2016
1) Violent, brutal, or uncontrolled;
2) Uncivilized or primitive;
3) Person who states a "brutal" opinion, without care of feelings or consequence.
1) The savage animal that attacked her had her admitted into the hospital.
2) In early European colonial expansion, the tribes of Africa were seen as savage due to not being on par with European civilization.
3) After the rapper, Kanye West, interrupted Taylor Swift during her award at the 2009 MTV "Video Music Award" ceremony he was called "savage".
by Manumitter January 23, 2016
Someone who is a major boss. Cool. Blunt and etc.
Bro I'm so savage for waking past my ex and using my '' walk past like I dont know you game '' .
by -bre- January 03, 2016
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