1. a shocking or amazing person/act 2. a person who doesn't care on other peoples opinions there gonna do what they want 3.a really cool person/badass 4.brutal act 5. someones that's "throwed"
ex: daymnn brah she just told the dean off that was soo savage.
ex: slim beat the crap outta that one girl it was so savage
by Scilluh November 01, 2009
an event, person, action, thing , or place so awesome that is has to be defined brutally
Kid: dude, that stacker meal from BK was so savage
by jiggajao July 19, 2008
Harsh, unfair, no right, unlucky meaning a situation came out wrong.
A: I lost £20 today!
b: Savage!!
by Becky360 November 29, 2005
A.)emphasizing a likeing towards an object or posession. B.)a showing of appriciation for an extreme action.
A.)are those the Dub Dueces? Those rims are Savage! B.)that backflip you pulled was savage.
by buckets June 11, 2004
class, deadly, brilliant
That bird is savage in the scratcher
by tubes August 28, 2003
To say that someone/something is great
"She's a savage looking girl"
by Ineedacatscan June 10, 2003
a complete full out bad ass who doesn't give a shit about anything and goes full on balls deep into whatever the fuck he/she wants to. Usually a term to describe someone named "Dominic"
"Wow, Dominic is a total savage for posting that dank meme on instagram!"
by anonoymousbrother January 04, 2016

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