sav•age -sav'-ij noun, adjective sav-

1. n. a rough, hardened, intensely badd-ass individual

2. adj. possessing characteristics of rawness to a nearly insane degree, usually observed under conditions of violence or aggression.

3. n. one with such gangster prowess deserving of high respect, typically on (but not limited to) the streets (i.e. Sam Shepherd)
Ey, that yolked-ass foo-‘s a fuckn savage, yo!
by MissBeaMines October 27, 2011
describing someone as a true beast/ wrecking ball
That boy is a savage!
by lyco 438 April 08, 2009
Savage, the greatness form of greatness.
DAMN, that base jump was SAVAGE!
by Henry Doan May 10, 2008
To do something very fast and with excellence. Ex.- beat someone in a video game, eat, or beat someone in a fight.
"I savaged that pizza."
"I will savage you in Madden."
"She got savaged in the fight."
by Uzo June 11, 2005
A.)emphasizing a likeing towards an object or posession. B.)a showing of appriciation for an extreme action.
A.)are those the Dub Dueces? Those rims are Savage! B.)that backflip you pulled was savage.
by buckets June 11, 2004
A really cool person.
"Man, you are such a savage!"
by Paulina April 30, 2004
Means excellent more the good.

Comes from Dublin.
That song is a savage.
That film was a savage.
by Mark Keenan April 21, 2004

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