A fucking survivor, children.
Dooley's a fucking heartless savage, yo.
He'll make out solid, man.
by J. Michael Reiter February 16, 2004
Basically meaning "cool" or "awesome"
Aww, how savage is that!
by CarAMeL September 24, 2004
a.) someone or something that kicks supreme ass, usually when describing sports or other physical activities.

b.) a total badass.
That guy is a goddamn savage!
Woah...that was savage!
by Wes November 18, 2003
To say that someone/something is great
"She's a savage looking girl"
by Ineedacatscan June 10, 2003
uncivilized, immature, or stupid.
Cody R. is so savage.
by Kyle McKaw March 22, 2010
an event, person, action, thing , or place so awesome that is has to be defined brutally
Kid: dude, that stacker meal from BK was so savage
by jiggajao July 19, 2008
Savage means that something is bad, harsh or fierce
that kick in the bollocks was savage
by Dave June 29, 2004

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