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To be really hardcore; vicious
That girl was sooo savage.
I failed my final; it was soo savage.
by Jesse & Erik July 30, 2003
Awesome, radical, and various other early 90's surfer-slang words are synonyms. Usually used in conjunction with "hella."
Dude, remember when you ran into that kid and killed him? Yeah, that shit was hella savage.
by cunt April 07, 2003
A person who dont give a fuck. Who is ruthless in getting what they want.
That man is riding hard on them hoes. He is a savage about his money.
by crazygirlforreal December 07, 2008
To say that someone/something is great
"She's a savage looking girl"
by Ineedacatscan June 10, 2003
uncivilized, immature, or stupid.
Cody R. is so savage.
by Kyle McKaw March 22, 2010
Savage means that something is bad, harsh or fierce
that kick in the bollocks was savage
by Dave June 29, 2004
Awesome, it's great, very cool....IN SITUATIONS OR EVENTS
Fcuking Savage
by Patrick McDuffy March 11, 2004