something so incredibly bad ass that you can't just say bad ass
Dude that was fucking savage
by casey July 15, 2004
class, deadly, brilliant
That bird is savage in the scratcher
by tubes August 28, 2003
something really cool
as an adjective: damn, alex just pulled a savage trick on that wake! or as a noun: damn, alex is a savage.
by alex August 27, 2003
(adj.) A description of something done or said that is excessively mean. Often used after someone 'disses' another person.
Ms. Fowl: I miss all of my students!
Ms. Fowl: *sobbing*
Ms. Fowl: Except Sheen!
Mr. Smith: Wow, Ms. Fowl. That was savage.
by savagemaster February 16, 2015
Acting like a primitive, thirsty, male or female. Doing things like eating out a females butt or asking a lot of girls and getting curved
Did you hear what Andre did? He put his face in a girls ass in the middle of class... How savage...
by VicTheDick April 13, 2014
A word said after you yourself diss someone or you witness someone being dissed. Also can be shortened to sav
Kyle: Hey Jeremy, why is your dick so small??
Jeremy: I didnt hear you complain when I was hittin that from the back yesterday
Kyle: Wait..wha-

Person 1: Hey, can you tell me the time
Person 2: No
Person 1: Why Not??
Person 2: Because Fuck yourself, thats why...
Person 3: Savage
by Jibreezy August 12, 2013
used to say that soomething was really awesome, good, talented, sweet, badass.
man that trick was savage!
by JohnDeere1991 October 13, 2009
An unrefined person who excels in an inhuman way.

Wonderful; excelling ones prior expectations.
"Blanka is the original savage."

"Dude, that was savage!"
"I just got the most righteous and savage hummer from that chick."
by McSilva March 05, 2004

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