something so incredibly bad ass that you can't just say bad ass
Dude that was fucking savage
by casey July 15, 2004
a complete full out bad ass who doesn't give a shit about anything and goes full on balls deep into whatever the fuck he/she wants to. Usually a term to describe someone named "Dominic"
"Wow, Dominic is a total savage for posting that dank meme on instagram!"
by anonoymousbrother January 04, 2016
A bad ass motherfucker that does things no one else has the balls to do
Siggy is a savage when he wrecks shit.
by Deez savage nuts December 14, 2015
being absurd, dramatic, and extreme for no apparent reason
Katarina is so savage, dumps me like a sack of candy and on to the next guy
by DrNicholas95 July 24, 2015
A word said after you yourself diss someone or you witness someone being dissed. Also can be shortened to sav
Kyle: Hey Jeremy, why is your dick so small??
Jeremy: I didnt hear you complain when I was hittin that from the back yesterday
Kyle: Wait..wha-

Person 1: Hey, can you tell me the time
Person 2: No
Person 1: Why Not??
Person 2: Because Fuck yourself, thats why...
Person 3: Savage
by Jibreezy August 12, 2013
an event, person, action, thing , or place so awesome that is has to be defined brutally
Kid: dude, that stacker meal from BK was so savage
by jiggajao July 19, 2008
Harsh, unfair, no right, unlucky meaning a situation came out wrong.
A: I lost £20 today!
b: Savage!!
by Becky360 November 29, 2005
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