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1.A male who likes to have intercourse with inatinmate objects.
2.A man who likes to stick his penis and ejaculate into inorganic things.
3.A person who likes to conceal the fact that wanking his dick on his boots.
4.A faggot who likes to think bout fucking stuff and doing it to plastic stuff.
Victor: Sup Chris...!!! OMG !! wtf are you doing.
Chris: HUH?.. oh shit nothing nothing.
CHris: OH SHIT! * runs off holdin his dick stuck in a chair*
by JAMMUU March 05, 2003
1. One who is brutish and neanderthal like.
2. One who is super cool and very L337.
3. A common term used to relate a crazy animal with a human being.
4. One who is dope and does cool shit.
1. FUck he just raped the whole clan that fools fuckin savage!!!
2. Look at that L337 rape.. what a fucking savage.
3. That niggah is fuckin savage he shot up 6 whiteboys with a fork.
by JAMMUU February 21, 2003
1. A female/whale hybrid type species.
2. A very large whale.
3. A person associated with the name Jamie.
4. JAMMUU r0x0r$ Uz0rs.
Look at that fucking jammuu its fucking gay.
If you were a jammuu ide slap u.
Jammuus are gay like sams are.
WTF??!?! ahh its a jammuu lets eat it.
by JAMMUU February 20, 2003
Represents confusion or a way out of a tight situation. Detour torwards conversation.
Hi Billy Whats up?
Uhh.. okk.. sorry to bother you.
by JaMmUu February 11, 2003

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