something so incredibly bad ass that you can't just say bad ass
Dude that was fucking savage
by casey July 15, 2004
above all, cool, better then everyone else
God damn, your such a savage!
by Dan July 02, 2003
{adjective}: Describe an individual who shows behavior of "NO-FUCKS GIVEN", does not comply to the norm of society. Simply define as a cold-blooded mother fucker.
Steve: "Tina, you dumb bitch, ugly dark skinned unstylish, never having a boyfriend, vaginal smelling ass shit. How are you today, fam?"
John: "You a savage nigga, no fucks is given today at this work"
Tina: "*Sad Face*"
by bigheadsteve July 16, 2015
One who does not give a flipping flip about morals and will say ANYTHING about ANYONE.
Peter: Austin is a savage.
Other friend: Why?
Peter: He stole his best friend's girl while eating pancakes.
by Savage434343 May 19, 2015
A word said after you yourself diss someone or you witness someone being dissed. Also can be shortened to sav
Kyle: Hey Jeremy, why is your dick so small??
Jeremy: I didnt hear you complain when I was hittin that from the back yesterday
Kyle: Wait..wha-

Person 1: Hey, can you tell me the time
Person 2: No
Person 1: Why Not??
Person 2: Because Fuck yourself, thats why...
Person 3: Savage
by Jibreezy August 12, 2013
uncivilized, immature, or stupid.
Cody R. is so savage.
by Kyle McKaw March 22, 2010
1. a shocking or amazing person/act 2. a person who doesn't care on other peoples opinions there gonna do what they want 3.a really cool person/badass 4.brutal act 5. someones that's "throwed"
ex: daymnn brah she just told the dean off that was soo savage.
ex: slim beat the crap outta that one girl it was so savage
by Scilluh November 01, 2009
A.)emphasizing a likeing towards an object or posession. B.)a showing of appriciation for an extreme action.
A.)are those the Dub Dueces? Those rims are Savage! B.)that backflip you pulled was savage.
by buckets June 11, 2004

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