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A gay man. Taken from the movie "Rock Star."
The lead singer is a closeted sausage jockey.
by Sprocket The Dog December 18, 2002
40 24
Someone who literally likes to ride the sausage of another male.
Oh Yuck, look at that man riding that guys sausage dude.
by Lousy August 29, 2003
180 71
a man who rides the cock
Matt Dalton is a real sausage jockey!!
by john May 14, 2003
122 33
A gentleman of homosexual persuasion, particularly one who favours the "passive" role during homosexual anal intercourse.
Terry: Did you hear about that hairdresser guy Greg having a threesome with the Hilton sisters?

Barry: No way! I always thought he was a sausage jockey.
by Dr. Sven June 28, 2006
71 31
a person of either gender who likes a lotta dick.
by Minges and all! April 15, 2003
32 21
gay guy
hahaha that guys a sausage jockey
by ReDDo August 17, 2003
46 37
someon who rides cock
(tim wicks)also see bonesmoker
tim wicks is a sausage jockey
by i hate tim May 19, 2003
27 20