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1. Someones whos well tired
2. Someone who gets sexualy assualted
3. Someone whos in trouble
1. "fuck off, im to buggered to do that"
2. That Leanne got buggered by me
3. oh no that kids buggered now he's shitted in that germans hand!
by ReDDo December 04, 2003
gay guy
hahaha that guys a sausage jockey
by ReDDo August 17, 2003
Noun, British: Sexy underwear, including stockings and suspenders, knickers lacy bra, teddy, basque - if all worn, this is full kit.
"I'll pick you up at 7, darling. Make sure you've got your full kit on"

"You'll have to wait and see, lover-boy"
by reddo March 09, 2015
Noun, British: A corset with elastic suspenders to attach stockings usually boned (like the woman will be later in the evening, hopefully)
"That basque really shows off your boobs"
"Yes, it's very tight, I can't wait to get it off"
"Neither can I"
by reddo March 09, 2015
mouthin someone
someone who wanks (masturbates too much)
manchester united are all wankers

"where's Tom?"
"Gone for a wank"
"Another? what a wanker"
by ReDDo August 17, 2003
pikes, geepos you no the ones at school who look manky.
Also someone whos tight as a camels arse in a sandstorm. And who pick up 1ps off the floor.
you scanky bastard
by ReDDo August 17, 2003
a nerd who can't get a girlfriend so he must cheat at online games
goddamn hackers suck
by ReDDo August 17, 2003

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