Top Definition
To feel like an idiot
Hand just failed an exam;
Hand: OOH, saudy!
by Colton G April 02, 2008
A guy who is a gentleman, he always listens to whatever you have to say. Will always be there for you and can you always count on him to brighten up your day. He has super long eyelashes it's very creepy (jealous). Someone loves him dearly but is to afraid to say so. He has so smart and it is terrifying how much of an overachiever he is. No one compares to him at all. He's the greatest guy you'll ever meet and the best catch. He sets the standards for what a gentleman should be.
Girl 1: Saudy is amazing!
Girl 2: I know.
Girl 1: Who ever dates him is a lucky girl.
by xxohgoshxx November 28, 2011
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