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One of the greatest guitar gods to ever live

The teacher of another great steve vai

Tours with G3 which also includes steve vai and has included yngwie malmsteen

His best album is Surfing With The Alien which amazed critics and fans alike
Satriani is a guitar god
by Junglemanchild January 26, 2005
Greatest guitarist of our modern era. Worship him, and play Surfing With The Alien when you have sex.
Idiot: Satriani sucks.
God: you are wrong looks like you're going to hell.
by mike piazza January 23, 2005
Might be the only musician that played in G3 to ever have any musical soul whatsoever. Great, great guitarist. Yes, ok, he can get wankery. But most of the time it's with a melody, the music has a point, it's not just shredding and getting nowhere (but getting nowhere faster than your head can register). Taught Vai, so Vai might have musical soul (haven't heard him, can't really tell) and of course, he taught Kirk Hammett.
Do I really need an example? Fuck you.
by Mr. Bock Man (RC) February 22, 2005
oh please people! Do your fucking research. Once again, SATRANI DID NOT TEACH VAI. he simply played with him a few times, improved him improvisational skills and taught him a few tricks. And for the record, Vai is actually better than Satriani, has alot more imagination and can play a damn sight quicker to. Don't get me wrong, i love Satch. I do.
hooooooowwwwwwwwww abbbooooooouuuttttt nooooooooo
by diamondsandrust May 07, 2005
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