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The last name of the guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen. An amazing guitarist than can play with an amazing tone really fast. He has amazing technicality and plays evenly and with great feeling. Also known for playing, on his guitar, classics such as Flight of the Bumblebees and Toccata in Fugue. To the guitar world he is a guitar hero. Although there are still many a jealous that go around the internet and spite him in their misery.
OMG, The guitar skill of Yngwie Malmsteen is so great that people fall to their knees in awe.
by Oolycks August 17, 2007
To very closely imitate or copy directly. Named for Yngwie Malmsteen, a lightspeed guitarist who imitated under-rated guitar hero Ritchie Blackmore and Paganini, and got hailed as the king of neo classical for it.
Stop Malmsteening my work, asshat.
by James C January 19, 2005
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