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Well buff.
Golly, That Elena is "Well Buff". wouldnt you say so old boy?
by DiamondsAndRust April 28, 2004
my current obsession. She was hot in the breakfast club, and better in "high art".
Ally Sheedy has a great smile and nice teeth.
by diamondsandrust November 09, 2006
Whats wrong archer? you jealous? so tell me, who do you think as superior to Vai? i would LOVE to know.
howwwwwwwwwwwwww abbbooouutttt nooooooo
by diamondsandrust May 07, 2005
oh please people! Do your fucking research. Once again, SATRANI DID NOT TEACH VAI. he simply played with him a few times, improved him improvisational skills and taught him a few tricks. And for the record, Vai is actually better than Satriani, has alot more imagination and can play a damn sight quicker to. Don't get me wrong, i love Satch. I do.
hooooooowwwwwwwwww abbbooooooouuuttttt nooooooooo
by diamondsandrust May 07, 2005
okay, lets get this straight. joe satriani did NOT teach vai how to play. He simply jammed with him a few times and taught his a few skills and tricks etc. thats all. And technially, Malmsteen is the best guitarist in the world. technically. But i agree, it is all about the sound.
Vai can't stop god damn wanking off his wammy bar. oh well. I guess if it sounds good....
by diamondsandrust May 07, 2005
yes, is not as interesting as Joe Satriani, but i resent "Annoying"... i mean... how do you even know Elena? i have only met One elena in my lifetime who was annoying. And to be honest, this person who she "wont let go of", if they really didnt want to be with her, why don't they just say?
Elena...cool...but not as cool as J.S.
by DiamondsandRust October 13, 2004
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