In Japanese Kanji, the vernacular term for "anal sex".
After having a mediocre dinner of toast, Andy R. treated himself to some sasuke.
by The Sancho July 01, 2005
Sas-uke is used to make fun of Sasuke (from the anime Naruto) Uchiha's name, usually in fanfiction. Uke is the guy that gets it in the butt.
Naruto: Hey, Sas-uke! Liked getting it last night? *laughs*
by Lala Yamada November 23, 2007
A type of fruit cake which grows on the emo tree.
The Sasuke sure are fruity this year.
by chidorigan April 07, 2012
The emo bitch from Naruto.
Sasuke has about as much personality as a stick. Actually, that's pretty offensive to the stick.
by LunaGirl3000 January 05, 2016
a duck butt head, gay, bastard that's mean to Naruto from the anime and manga Naruto he's also from the Uchiha clan that only had 3 remanding members left after Sasuke's brother killed the clan then later on Sasuke advenages his clans death by killing his brother, find out more look it up on wikapeda or the Naruto website
Sasuke is a fag!
by kittycatxoxo December 14, 2010
Went from being one of the worst Naruto characters to the best and argubly one of the best written anime characters today
Active Naruto Fan: Man, Sasuke really is a good character

Old Naruto Fan: Sasuke? Black hair? No way, shitty character

Active Naruto Fan: Nah, disagree reread the series till the end, he's one of the best, he even took the MC spot when he had the last say before the timeskip
by DrProof February 20, 2015
1. The name of a popular Japanese T.V. show which has people compete to reach the end of very challenging and stressful obstacles that test every factor of their strength and ninja capabilities. Roughly translates to "ninja warrior" and has only had two people to ever finish the full coarse in history. Can only be viewed on G4 in American states.

2. A dark haired character on another show called "Naruto" that comes on Cartoon Network. He is the rival counter part to the main character Naruto and comes from a clan of ninjas that spit flame out of their mouths using a thing called chacura, a type of mystical energy that travels through the body.
Myself "Hey dude, you know the fisher man guy on Ninja warrior?"

My Brother "Yeah, what about him"

Myself "He's officialy the second man in history to bare the title 'Ninja Warrior (Sasuke, if he were a nerd)', I always thought it'd be the fire man"
by JoPiss February 17, 2008
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