The Uchiha character in Naruto whose always out for revenge. He is Naruto's rival and Sakura's crush. He is replaced by Sai when he left to get stronger and battle his older brother, Itachi.

I'll make this short and sweet.

I wish in both the manga and anime, Sasuke would come back to the village and become a good guy again because he was awesome as one.

I have nothing against Sai, he is one of my many favorite characters.
Naruto: There has to be a way we could bring Sasuke back to the village.
by Naruto Fan Child June 15, 2010
Emo,gay and fictional character from Naruto.
Naruto:Hey Sasuke how come you have so many fangirls yet your still single?

Sasuke:Isn't it obvious dobe?I'm gay.
by Dark_Kris October 21, 2008
an emo bitch whos not as strong as itachi but thinks he is he is also having a gay relationship with orochimaru
look uchiha sasuke hes so emo he could never kill itachi
by cheesy bones January 28, 2008
1. The act of being an idiot.

2. Bullshit.

3. Character in an anime show (Naruto) who is too busy brooding to be logical about anything. (If he could think well at all, or if he had any emotion, he would not kill his brother, nor attempt to kill his best friend.)
1, 2, and 3: That is just a bunch of Sasuke!!
by CrimsonLawliet August 22, 2009
A former ninja of team 7, which consisted of Hatake Kakashi, Haruno Sakura, and Uzumaki Naruto. Unless confirmed by Mr. Masashi Kishimoto, you cannot exactly call Sasuke an Uke, a faggot or a wimp without getting the facts. I guess Sasuke is pretty emo, but then again his whole family was killed by his own brother sooo.. you can't really blame him. Sasuke has haters and fangirls/fanboys but you don't have to flame him. You might as well chop off Kishimoto's metaphorical testicles and tell him he doesn't know how to create a good-enough anime show. People have different perspectives about Sasuke but please remember, he is a DRAWING and nothing more. Solely made for entertainment. Goddamn.
Sasuke Hater: Oh durrr Sasuke sucks Orochimaru's balls dur durrrr durr.. I'm totally forgetting the fact that Sasuke is a fictional character and he can't even hear me talking about him but I'm going to do it anyways durrrrrrrrr.

Sasuke fangirl: Durr I love Sasuke so much he is so HOT durrrrrr. I think I'm going to make a fanfiction about Sasuke and Naruto coming onto each other lol durrrr. Oh I'm going to dress up as Sasuke at the cosplay convention durrrr.

True Anime Fan: Why can't you people just shut up and watch the goddamn anime? I don't care about Sasuke, I'm just watching it to find out what happens to Naruto. Please be quiet and let me watch my anime in peace, sankyuu.

Don't diss Kishimoto's creations you douchebags.
by Nintendo_Avenged May 23, 2009
Some emo fag who broods alot.
In time skip which most American retards don't know exists he is a supposed bad ass who has been raped by orochimaru.

He enjoys killing Giant snakes for the sole purpose of letting the blonde bomber go BOOM.

He kills Itachi in a gay way by ass fucking him in the eyes. He is currently getting his ass handed to him by a gaint OXOPUSS.
Nuff said.
by Treeeeeeee September 01, 2008
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