Uchiha Sasuke is /one/ of the main characters in the popular anime show Naruto. In the beginning of the show he is placed on a team with Uzumaki Naruto the nine tailed demons fox, Kyuubi No Yoko's, Jinchuuriki and Haruno Sakura who "loves" him, the team led by "The Copy Ninja" Hatake Kakashi (Who also happens to be slightly perverted and always late for any meeting). He is one of the two living members of the "famous" Uchiha clan. The Uchiha clan was slayn by Sasuke's older brother Itachi Uchiha, in shich Sasuke now wishes for revenge on Itachi for killing the clan to "test his power."
Uchiha Sasuke was sought out by the powerful senin named Orochimaru (Who wished to know the answer to everything, including immortality). Orochimaru "cursed" Sasuke by biting him on the neck. Sasuke now lives with the curse unallowed to use too much power or else it will "control" him. The first stage of this said curse shows black markings all over the left side of Sasuke's body. The second stage happes to turn Sasuke into a winged blue-skinned "vampire-looking" version of himself, with a cross like mark on the center of his face.
Uchiha Sasuke's alleged hatred for the main character Uzumaki Naruto is shown very well in the anime. Though, when fighting Naruto as Sasuke is departing to join Orochimaru did not have the heart to kill him. /If/ Uchiha Sasuke had killed Uzumaki Naruto he would have gained the powerful Mangekyou Sharingan in which you must kill your closest and best friend (As Itachi did weeks before killing the entire clan).
As Uchiha Sasuke serves under Orochimaru he is thought new abilities and how to strengthen old ones. Including a technique (or jutsu) he was tought by his former sensei (teacher) Hatake Kakashi called the Chidori (Lightning Blade) in which the user can manipulate lightning into a blade-like form. He then realizes that there is no more that Orochimaru can teach him and tries to defeat him. In the process Orochimaru (Who is in need of getting a new "host") starts a "ritual" in which Orochimaru tries to take over Sasuke's body. Though, Orochimaru is unable to finish the ritual due to fatality when Sasuke kills him.
Sasuke is often called a transvestite, emo, goth, cutter, homosexual, crossdresser, pretty boy, uke, molestation victim, and a prick.

<<It is true that most people get Sasuke incorrect. I dubb you all idiots doomed to loom in stupidity for your lives.>>
by iDeidara March 26, 2007
The emo bitch from Naruto.
Sasuke has about as much personality as a stick. Actually, that's pretty offensive to the stick.
by LunaGirl3000 January 05, 2016
1. The name of a popular Japanese T.V. show which has people compete to reach the end of very challenging and stressful obstacles that test every factor of their strength and ninja capabilities. Roughly translates to "ninja warrior" and has only had two people to ever finish the full coarse in history. Can only be viewed on G4 in American states.

2. A dark haired character on another show called "Naruto" that comes on Cartoon Network. He is the rival counter part to the main character Naruto and comes from a clan of ninjas that spit flame out of their mouths using a thing called chacura, a type of mystical energy that travels through the body.
Myself "Hey dude, you know the fisher man guy on Ninja warrior?"

My Brother "Yeah, what about him"

Myself "He's officially the second man in history to bare the title 'Ninja Worrior (Sasuke, if he were a nerd)', I always thought it'd be the fire man"
by JoPiss February 17, 2008
Sasuke is an arrogant prick who is in the anime Naruto. It is not understandable why many girls are in love with him.
Me: Eww, what? No. His personality is fucked up.
by i actually love sasuke lol November 19, 2012
A cold, evil-ish supporting character in the anime Naruto. Uses Chidori, taught by his past sensei, Kakashi. Does Not share hater's opinions. Arigato...
*sasuke uses 'Fire Style': Fire ball Jutsu to continue watching what happens to Naruto* (don't hate. Watch)
by Konata Hyuuga January 12, 2010
sasuke is a crybaby,yes i will agree.he is too much of a sourpuss to become actual best friends with naruto.
and he is hot.who cares if hes a drawing.
but there are so many more hot characters on that show.

but seriously annoyingly obcessive fangirls do tend to get annoying.so stop fucking drooling over him k.like everyone says hes only a cartoon character.(who is hot)
sasuke is such a douche for leaving his team.
by CheyanneNicolepqowieruphklafjy October 04, 2008
a hottie which we all know is not real but still drool over. u know u love him . . . admit it already. see also itachi.
there is a constant war between people who love sasuke and people who luve itachi.
by cibi sasu May 30, 2005
smexy character from naruto. Also is known for going to orochimaru to get raped.
girl 1:sasuke is soooooo smexy!!
girl 2:isn't he that kid from naruto who gets raped by orochimaru?
by kitsunehotfox May 01, 2008

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