A form of conversation that is rude and extremely judgmental.
Sarcasm is awesome! No, you are rude and judgmental.
by Prudepaysoff August 17, 2010
When used correctly and appropriately, often the most witty form of humour. To describe it primatively, think Chandler from friends!
Hello. I'm Chandler From Friends. I am SOOO not sarcastic. Heh.Sarcasm sooooo isn't my thing.
by -----Sofi----- December 29, 2005
The only language I speak.
"Sarcasm is the language of the devil, for which reason I have long since so good as denounced it." -Thomas Carlyle
by Dr. House January 12, 2007
Similar to irony, only worse and less subtle.

1. A form of wit intended to make its victim the butt of contempt or ridicule, by saying something when you mean the opposite (the 'victim' should know this, other wise it won't work).

2. Intended to be bitter.

Was once witty, but is now worn out and over-used, which has resulted in losing it's impact greatly.

Is considered a part of 'dry humour' or 'dry wit'.
Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

"Did you know that the sky is blue?"

"NOOO! You don't say?"
by Na May 04, 2004
A Fairly new concept of humor, used commonly by smart-asses, dumb-asses, idiots, and plenty of other just plain old dicks.
Guy 1: Oh thanks for teabaggin me in my sleep bro.. I hear its REALLY good for acne

Girl 1: Apparently someone has never heard of Sarcasm
by Sara Brooke June 08, 2009
Something your grandparents don't understand because it's from the twenty-first century.


(Teenager comes in the house without a newspaper)

Grandmother- Did you find the newspaper?

Teenager- Do you see me with a newspaper in my hands?

Grandmother- Why you talk like that for, thatsa no nice....

Teenager- Shutup...

It's called sarcasm.....
by *Krystyn* November 01, 2008
Tonage used when confirming something obvious. also see Nola
I was duct taped to my ceiling by my frat.

Loved every minute
by Bawls McGreely February 21, 2005
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