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YMBNH - shorthand for You Must Be New Here; used in internet chat forums to slightly mock posters of redundant/obvious comments
Michael Welu: Isn't it just as big of an ethical question to buy dino diesel, which untimately came from dinosaurs?

MrErlo: YMBNH, refer to post 18. i was already corrected that "dino diesel" is mostly plants.
by MrErlo July 21, 2006
More Research Is Needed
I guess there could be servers that run full electric consumption all the time, even when processors are idle, meaning they have every incentive to mine bitcoin.

As always, MRIN.
by MrErlo December 21, 2011
when the electronic search function proves to be extremely valuable at retrieving information you thought you had lost
Scott: I thought I lost that email, but digital information bests the cerebral cortex once again.

Eric: ctrl+FTW
by MrErlo June 28, 2009
I Saw Your Mom Smoking Crack On The Corner

The proper shorthand response to any non-WFR Beer Bike cheer.
Hanszen, Hanszen yah.

by MrErlo March 24, 2010
syntax used in emails, forums and instant messaging to indicate the start of a sarcastic tone thereby eliminating confussion for the reader. this should be used in conjunction with the {/sarcasm} operator to show the conclusion of the sarcasm.

the same style should be applied to other speech patterns when meaning can not be derived from text alone. other examples include {ball busting} or {grumble}.

NOTE: the prefered square brackets should be used whenever possible
when i see a Hummer driving down the road, i'm always sad because i know that their large, gas guzzling behemoth makes them happier and a far better person than i.
by MrErlo July 11, 2006
a full commitment's what i'm dreaming of
shea: Seriously Chris, ZuuiU is the oldest trick in the book.
by MrErlo September 02, 2008

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